The chemistry of SEO has various formulas but in this race for being number one everyone wants to master it. The search engine ranking is based on multiple factors and one of those is Backlinks, the links which you have about your website on other websites or blogs. Google considers backlinks in its top 3 criteria of search engine rankings which shows the importance of backlinks for every business which is searched on google. Following are the top 3 backlink types you need to focus

Editorial Links
The superior quality of a backlink is the one mentioned in editorials. It means that when your website is cited somewhere as a reference for mature content. It is considered as the editorial content when it is used in a citation, referred to as the reliable content from other websites or blogs, written interview of someone who has a connection with your website. It requires a well written and unique content if you want to be mentioned as an editorial backlink, take yourself as the torchbearer of the content so others can put your reference it in their contents.

Business Profile Links
The process of making a business profile is linked with backlinks. When you make a company profile it’s a usual practice to use links of your website in it and it sends a message to search engines that detailed and quality content is made which surges your rankings there. Similarly, yellow pages and relevant directories are filled with website details to use them as an add on for business profile backlinks.

Webinar Links
The website which produces a go-to content mostly becomes the source of connections from other websites. The webinar is such useful content that increases the traffic on one website and if you post its recordings on your website it becomes a piece of attraction and acts as a link between websites. There are numerous ways to have this link fruitful, always post your webinars on your websites as recordings, use the promotion techniques from other blogs to lead people to that webinar.

The cut-throat competition in every field of business has given huge importance to quality and that’s where SEO comes. There is a rapid change in algorithms of search engines but backlinks still hold their importance. The use of backlinks effectively gives a new life to your digital existence and give you a wider reach.